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Using the Thetford C263S Jayco Caravan Toilet


This instruction is for Jayco Caravans equipped with a Thetford C263S Caravan toilet.

This toilet does not have a cistern and draws the flash water from either mains water or the tanks on the caravan.

When mains water is not connected, the tank’s small 12V pump will draw water from the on-board tanks as the flush water.

Using the Thetford C263S Toilet

There are two buttons/levers on the toilet

  • Press the blue button on the control panel behind the toilet to fill the bowl with water
  • The pedal (which slides from left to right) is used to flush the toilet into waste container

Water supply

  • When on mains water & power
    • Pressing the blue button will draw water from the mains water into the toilet bowl
  • When on tank water and battery power
    • Pressing the blue button will draw water from the rear water tank and use the battery for pump power
  • If no water and power supply
    • There will be no power to the blue button

When the red light comes on above the image of the toilet canister then the toilet canister is full and needs to be emptied

Emptying the Waste Water Container

  • To access the toilet waste canister, locate the black hatch on the driver’s side of the caravan and unlock and open.
  • Lift the green handle in order to release the latch and pull out the toilet canister.
  • The canister comes with a handle and can be dragged to the nearest caravan dump spot.
  • Follow the steps below to empty the canister and return the empty canister to the caravan.

Preparing the Empty Waste Holding Tank

Put a small amount of water into the toilet bowl and open the pedal to release the water into the canister. Drop one of the blue toilet cleaning satchels into the canister below and close the pedal.

You’re all good to go again.