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Jayco Thetford C400 Toilet Cassette Instructions

Our team at Great Rates Australia wants you to have the best possible holiday in one of our caravans.

A number of our caravans come equipped with a Thetford C400 Toilet operated with a cassette. When you do your business in the toilet it is stored in the cassette held under the caravan and needs to be emptied at a caravan dump spot.

Preparing the Toilet

Each time you empty the toilet cassette or the first time you use the toilet follow these steps:

  1. Empty one sachet of the EcoTraveller Protreat Sachets into the bottom of the toilet bowl.
  2. Pressing the blue button, fill the bowl up to around ⅓ of the toilet bowl capacity & flush the water into the tank below by pulling the lever to flush. 

Using the Toilet

Operating the toilet in our pop tops are best explained with this short video

Using the Thetford Toilet in our Jayco rental caravans.

Filling up the Toilet Cistern

A surprising find for many campers is that the Thetford toilet includes a cistern. The water used to flush the toilet comes from the cistern, not from the caravan tanks. To access & fill up, open the toilet canister door on the side of the caravan.

To fill up the cistern, you need to rotate the arm out and undo the green cap. Then, use tap water to fill up the cistern. NOTE – the arm will look like it is already full but as you let water flow into it, it will fill up the cistern and not overflow as long as water is flowly slowly.

Dumping the Toilet Contents

You can find a list of public dump spots at the website below or if you are staying in a caravan park they will have a number of dumps for you to use.

Emptying your Toilet Cassette

Here is a short video to help you with the process for emptying the cassette:

A video of how to empy the Thetford toilet cassette in our Jayco rental caravans.

Cleaning the Toilet

Use the provided Ecotraveller 4in1 spray bottle to clean all parts of the toilet. This can be used on the bowl, to clean the tank and in all other parts of the bathroom. 

To clean the cassette

  1. Add 100ml of 4in1 to the cassette & then add 2 to 3 litres of water.
  2. Close tank and shake the tank.
  3. Empty tank into dump point.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning

  1. Using the bottle, spray/squirt 4in1 around the rim of the toilet and agitate with a brush
  2. Rinse with water or flush with the rinse tank.