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Jayco Suburban Hot Water System Instructions

Components & Setup

There are three items required to get the hot water system running:
1 – Ensure the gas bottle is open & gas bottle full
2 – Turn on the Suburban Heater screen
3 – Run Water

1 – Turn on the gas

We recommend turning on the gas bottle and briefly turning on the stove to confirm that gas is flowing.

2 – Turn on the screen

You will often find that the screen is off and hitting the power button does nothing, like this:

To turn on the screen, you will need to download the relevant app. In the case of the Jayco Journey, the app is often “IntelliJay PM200 & 300 BTJ”.
Once downloaded, you will be prompted to connect to the caravan’s systems.
The password to the system will usually be the last four digits of the serial number listed, in the case below it will be “6715”.
In controls – press on “HWS” to turn on the hot water system, this will then light up the screen.

3 – Run Water

When you run hot water, the “OFF” will automatically turn to “ON” and a wheel will spin on the bottom right of the screen showing it’s heating the water. Give it a minute or two to warm up and you’re good to go.