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Jayco Expanda Video Tutorial

Follow our simple tips to use our Jayco Expanda Caravan with ease!

The Jayco Expanda is perfect for families looking for a compact caravan that provides plenty of storage and extra luxury over the smaller campers available. 

Full Tutorial

The below video includes everything you need to know in one handy video, scroll down further to jump to individual parts of the caravan 

Hitching to your car

Unhitching from your car

Levelling and stablising the caravan

Turning on the gas bottle

Connecting to 240V power

Connecting to drinking water supply (blue hose)

Pop the top 

Remember to unlock the awning

Opening the Awning

Open the bed-ends

Setup the bunk bed

Turn on the battery to turn on 12V to the caravan

Explaining the drifter/coast control panel



Note the water pump only needs to be on if you are free camping or without mains supply

Using the taps when there is no mains supply



Turn on the hot water system 

How to Turn on the Hot Water Service

It’s great to have hot water when you are camping.  Whether for a shower or simply to wash the dishes, having a hot water service on board is a great option in a caravan.

*** Helpful Hint: when you are making coffee in the morning, start the kettle WITH hot water and you’ll get that cup of java a lot quicker.

Troubleshooting any Problems with the Hot Water Service

Check for gas or electrical supply issues.

More often than not, hot water systems stop working because of a fault in the gas or power supply. If your hot water service runs on gas, your other gas-powered appliances can give you a clue as to whether gas is reaching your system. Test the stove.  Can you light a burner?  If not, check the gas bottle, is it turn on?  Is it empty?  If the gas is on and the bottle has gas in it, we need to get a bit more technical in our approach.

The next step would be to check the circuit breaker.  This may be a challenge to locate as it is different in each caravan.  For electric hot water systems, check that the electrical connection is in order. Check your other electrical appliances to ensure that they’re working. Check for a blown fuse, and replace if necessary.

The next step would be to watch the video

Using Gas

Hot water operation using 240V

Air conditioner operation

Using the fridge

A 3 Way Fridge is the safest way to travel in Australia.  Your fridge can operate on gas, 12volt and 240 (mains power).  On REALLY hot days, the best, most efficient fuel is gas.

When you are driving, it is really important to ensure the fridge is turn to 12volt.  This allows the fridge to continue to run while you are driving.  DO NOT under any circumstances tow the caravan when the fridge is set to run on gas.  Obviously the fridge will not run on 240 whilst driving.

The following video provides complete information about how to start and operate the fridge in any of our Jayco caravans.



12V – travelling

240V – caravan park

No mains – Gas

Using the rangehood & Oven

Using the Microwave

Using the roof hatch

Using the shower

Using the toilet

Empting the toilet

Tips before you leave

Closing the Awning