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Jayco Bag Awning Opening & Closing Instructions

These are instructions on how to open and close the Jayco Eagle and Jayco Hawk Bag Awning

Video Instructions

Step By Step – Opening the awning

Step 1 – Raise the roof a little

Using the lifting mechanism at the back of the caravan, raise the roof of the caravan to roughly eye level

Step 2 – Get everything out from the van

Remove from the storage compartment the black bar (central support) & white bars (anti-flap bars)

Step 3 – Undo the zip around the bag & unclip the awning. Unroll the awning onto the ground.

Inspect the metal bar at the end of the awning. At each end, you will see a small circular hole which is where the white bar slots in. 

In the centre of the bar you will see another circular hole which is where the black central support bar slots into. 

Step 4 – Pull out the legs of the awning from the awning bar (these form the two corners of the awning and end up being vertical).

Step 5 – Insert the major horizontal support. 

Grab the black bar, undo the knob in the middle a couple of turns till loose, the curved clip end of the bar connects into the centre of the roof of the caravan in the bag of the awning, the pin end connects into the awning bar & extend the black bar until tight and re-tighten the black knob. 

The awning should now be able to stand on it’s own. 

Step 6 – Connect white anti-flap bars

Firstly connect the two halves of the white bars.

Next unclip the black latches x6 on the white bars so the white bars pop open (the awning goes into the gap).

Then, connect the curved clip to silver clip on the right or left hand side of the roof in the awning bag section (under the awning). 

The other end of the white bar (the circular pin) connects into the awning bar. 

Fit the awning material into the gap in the white bar, clamp down and re-clip. 

Repeat on the other side. 

Packing up the Jayco Bag Awning

Step 1 – Undo the white anti-flap bars

Use the black latches to undo the tension on the awning material on both sections of the white bars (one side at a time). Undo the black knob and draw the two sections of the white bar together which will pull the circular pin out of the awning bar. Next unclip at the caravan end from the silver clip on the caravan roof.

Repeat on the other side

Step 2 – Unclip the black support bar

Ideally have a second person support the awning bar.

Undo the black knob a few rotations till loose, retract pole until the circular pin comes out from the awning bar and drop to the ground while holding the awning end bar. You can unclip from the caravan silver clip at the end. Fully retract and tighten knob again later.

Step 3 – Fold in the awning legs

Ensure the awning legs are fully retracted and fold into the awning bar.

Step 4 – Roll up the awning

Carefully roll in the awning bar, taking note to make sure the awning is rolling up straight or it will not fit in the bag.

Step 5 – Clip in the rolled-up awning & re-zip the bag