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Dometic Caravan Fridge Instructions – RU5208 Jayco


The Dometic RU5208 caravan fridge is a three-way fridge that can be operated on gas, mains power, or 12V DC. This makes it a versatile option for caravans that may not always have access to mains power.

How to use the Dometic RU5208 Fridge

To use the fridge, you will need to:

  1. Select the power source. The power source is selected by turning the energy selector knob to the desired position.
    • Gas: For gas operation, the fridge must be connected to a gas supply.
    • Mains power: For mains power operation, the fridge must be connected to a mains power outlet.
    • 12V DC: For 12V DC operation, the fridge must be connected to a 12V DC power source.
  2. Set the temperature. The temperature is set by turning the temperature control knob.
  3. Check the ventilation. The fridge must have adequate ventilation to operate properly.

Using the fridge on gas

Make sure the gas bottle has gas and open the gas supply to the van

Check gas is flowing by turning on one of the stove burners

Next, press the fridge grey button twice, rotate knob to get to the selector which will probably be showing a plug, press the button again to go to the selection screen. Rotate knob until the flame is selected and press the knob again. The fridge will then connect to gas and you should hear a couple of clicks as the starter lights the gas supply. The fridge symbol should then remain on the flame and the display will go dim. The top left should show a ❄️ symbol to indicate it’s working.

If any errors come up, you may need to reset the fridge, to do this simply hold down the grey button for 3 seconds. After a pause the fridge should turn back on or you may need to hold the button for a second to turn it back on.